Glenn County Transportation Commission


The Glenn County Transportation Commission (GCTC) is the designated Regional Transportation Planning Agency for Glenn County. The GCTC is comprised of six elected officials; three supervisors from Glenn County, one representative each from the Cities of Orland and Willows, and a remaining representative alternated between Orland and Willows on an annual basis. Each area of representation has an alternate. The County is within the jurisdictional boundaries of Caltrans District 3, with headquarters in Marysville. The GCTC, along with Caltrans District 3, fulfills the transportation planning responsibilities for Glenn County.


Paul Barr - Board of Supervisors   

John Viegas - Board of Supervisors

Salina Edwards - City of Orland

Bruce Roundy - City of Orland

Joe Flesher - City of Willows

Gary Hansen - City of Willows


Keith Corum - Alternate, Board of Supervisors 

Dennis Hoffman - Alternate, City of Orland

Kerri Warren - Alternate, City of Willows 


The Glenn County Transportation Commission is also served by a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) which consist of representatives from the following agencies: